Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Putting in Patterns

I finished all of the outside grids which makes the width about 6.5 inches across.  Pattern A is the bottom one and that is done using Soie d Alger in white in the Asterick stitch for all five of them.  Then yellow Anchor floss adds the little back stitches and Smyrna Crosses in the bottom diamond.  To the left of that one, is Triple Rice stitch all worked in Kreinik braid and then the little cross stitches and Smyrna Crosses around it.  The top diamond is done in soie d Alger and Soie Perlee, 2941 and 2944 create the ray pattern petal and the small Jessicas along with the upright crosses.  Last, I started pattern D in the long diagonal on the left with Soie Perlee in 2941 using a Diamond Eyelet Variation.


Grit said...

Das sieht schon sehr schön aus. Bin gespannt, wie es weiter geht.
Liebe GRüße Grit

NCPat said...

The above comment says:
This looks already very nice. Am curious as it goes on.
Dear greetings Grit