Thursday, December 15, 2011

Four, five and six

 Pattern 4 is worked with two strands of overdyed floss and the stitches alternate in each of the little blocks and you will notice her little "dimple" in the center of each.....
 Pattern 5 is a larger diamond and is first worked with the over dyed floss and the upright crosses and the cross stitches on top of those are worked.  Then 1 strand of Marlitt is used to place the smaller cross stitches in each row.
Pattern 6 was all supposed to be worked in overdyed floss......notice I said supposed to....I did the 4 x 4 cross stitches in the overdyed and then filled in the upright crosses with 2 strands of Marlitt and I like the shine.  Since I am doing intense closeup shots for Lara and Becky, you are not seeing actual color variations in the shots at this point in the photos....I am in person, and when I am all the way around this pattern group, I will shoot a distance shot so you can see the variations.

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