Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I got to stitch!  I finished  the Burden stitch area by couching the Neon Rays Plus with the Kreinik #8 copper.  I then did the Rhodes stitch in the center square with Neon Rays Plus again in the black.  The two side panels are filled with Double Upright Cross stitches using Antica in color 8, copper.  Yippee!     A previous comment asked about my stitching in the well of the stretcher bars.  I prefer this method of attaching the canvas for several reasons.  I don't catch threads on the sides of the bars.  If I drop my needle or beads, they don't hit the floor.  It is much easier to end threads on the back as I am not fighting the bars on the back.  I also think it keeps the work clean.  Hope that helps!


Anonymous said...

thanks pat for the explanation on the "stitching in the well." something to consider - especially the ending part.

Anonymous said...

i changed the position of my canvas on the stretcher bars to the "working in the well" as you described and i already like it better. i had a whole bunch of threads i had to finish and bury and it was SO much easier. thanks!

NCPat said...

You are welcome!