Friday, October 7, 2011

Starting the dress

I started the dress with blanc Soie D alger and am working this pattern horizontally.  The dress is line drawn so that it has folds and the pattern will not line up through the dress so it looks like folds.  Pretty neat!
Thanks for all the bead offers!  I just have to find mine.  I did not have time to look today.  It has been a beautiful day here and I worked in the new flower beds and moved a few things around while DH painted handrails on the deck.  I got the better job!


Margaret said...

I have been watching this come alive and I think it is beyond gorgeous. When you began I never believed you would be able to put so many different colors and stitches together and even survive. Gives me hope. What a delight.

NCPat said...

Thanks, Margaret, I am glad you are enjoying too!

Beth in IL said...

Looks really nice. I am trying to enjoy the nice weather too as I know it will be cool soon.