Monday, February 14, 2011


Yes, I have been working with Ultrasuede.  Marilyn provided the paper pattern outlines for the the eight
spokes piece and the long blade on the end.  I traced the outlines and then cut each piece out very carefully and
got the spokes  appliqued in place.  I also had to cut out a piece of white felt for the long blade and basted it in place.  I then started stitching the long blade in place, and have set it aside so you could see my "construction".


Marlene said...

That looks great, will this be a "real" fan once finished, I thought you were doing a piece to be framed.

rick said...

No, it will be a framed piece and I want to hang close to her other piece.

Edy said...

This looks gorgeous! I have a question tho....what will you do with all the starting/ending away knots when you are finished stitching?