Friday, January 28, 2011

All the white flowers

I got all the white outlining done on all the rest of the flowers! Yippee!  I can set the DMC pearl cotton aside, next to the grey and white flower threads.  I won't put them back into the stash until I am sure I did not miss a thread here or there.  I almost finished all of the Kreinik 04 in 032 as well and you can see the strand by the bottom leaf of the fifth flower where I need to finish that leaf.  Then on the right there is a small area of leaf closest to the flower that needs to filled in and it will retire from the active threads pile as well.  Tomorrow, I hope to get the beads on, but we will see!

And for a treat go and look at Mary Corbet's post:


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This looks lovely, Pat. Once all the flower outlining is finished, this piece really looks great. The beads add even more.

I loved the needlepainting article, too. Very informative.

Beth in IL said...

It looks so nice. You are doing a great job.

Mary Corbet said...

Beautiful! I love the combination of stitches and the white on black! It's so dramatic!

Thanks for the link to the needlepainting article on Needle 'n Thread. Gorgeous stuff, isn't it?