Sunday, October 24, 2010

Poppy Bud

 Yippee!  I got to stitch tonight!  We have had out of town visitors and so we have been sight seeing and shopping and eating in the warm fall weather while enjoying the changing leaves!  But, now we are back to our routine.  I finished filling in the bud at the top of the first flower tonight.  This is all being worked in long and short stitches using single strands of Splendor.  Below is a photo showing the placement in the over all design.  Also a reminder that this design is by Pat Van Cleve.

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carolsylvester said...

Hi Pat--I'm making progress on my poppies as well. I finished the middle flower, and am working on the bottom one. I noticed that my stitching is much more dense than the designer's; I can't see any of the fabric through my stitching, and the stitched area is very stitch. I've also used up a lot of my thread. I hope I have enough to finish! I went stash diving for this one; I'd really rather not have to buy more threads.

Carol S.