Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to the box

Tonight I worked on the Monet's Garden box. I stitched one of the bases to the top and then glued it into the ring, and am waiting for that to dry. I then made the twisted cord that will cover the sewn edge. Next, I machine stitched (without any blue words) the canvas to the lining. I cut a piece of stick on felt and placed that on the back of the stitching. Then, folded all of that in half and stitched the seam of the lining and the canvas--it was even! Woohoo! That all got turned right side out. That is as far as I got. Next will be to finish the base and attach it all to the top and glue the twisted cord around. Sounds like I could get that done tomorrow!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This is darling! It looks like you got a lot done, too. Waiting for glue to dry is always the hardest step for me in finishing, although I know you were sweating lining up the edges of the outside of the box. It looks terrific and is going to make a wonderful box. Can't wait for it to be done tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Looks great! I admire that you are finishing this yourself. I would hire this done. Any finishing I have done, included "blue words". Matter of fact, I could make a trucker blush when I am finishing.