Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strange Looking Picture

I finished putting in all the Gloriana Silk Ribbon loops with about 4 inches of ribbon left.  I think Terry might have less packed posies but I like these.  I then put in French knots with two strands of Splendor, but not in all of the flowers.  I laid down the needle, unclamped the frame and held it up for DH to admire and lavish praise.  "It is really nice but a strange looking picture".  I started laughing and gently reminded him that this was going to be finished into a box and was one of my Christmas presents from him!  I am still laughing on this one!  I promise to start the finishing on this box this weekend.  I have the frame and Terry included a DVD with instructions--how cool is that?

1 comment:

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

Beautiful colors! Husbands! What d othey know?? As long as they keep providing the stash..LOL