Saturday, December 5, 2009

Moving on

I finished all of the Spring Stitches.....thanks for the link to Carol's website to see her diagrams, btw....and so all four sides of Spring Stitches are in. Next up, you can see I did one side of more Slanted Gobelins in the Kreinik braid. There are three steps to finish this close!
I have been using the camera alone to get the shots and some days, I have better light coming from the right direction than others! LOL.....I can't scan this piece, as I work inside the Evertites, not on top. Laying the piece on the scanner with white behind does not give me a great quality photograph, but I have finally figured out a good way to get you good color, I think.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

The photo today is excellent. Thanks for all your work on that, Pat. It is interesting to see how one side has spring stitches oriented one way and the other has them going another way. Will you hang this as a diamond shape, Pat? It seems to me to want that treatment...

Nice job, by the way. Your stitching is lovely.

NCPat said...

Thanks, Jane. Yes, it will be hung as a diamond shape as I thought the same when I started stitching it.