Friday, November 13, 2009

The top is done

Tonight's rotation is the Tooth Fairy Box. I finished the top with the Kreinik and then added the beads in the center of the gold stars. I moved down and started the bottom and got quite a bit of it in already. Remember this is all basketweave as the sides are going to fold up and create the bottom of the box before the hinge is attached and the top put on. Sorry that I did not focus better on this one!


Judy said...

I have this same canvas. I bought it thinking it would have the instructions to mount the hinge. Do you know how to mount the hinge, or where I can get the instructions? I also would like to know where I can purchase more of these hinges.
Thanks for your help.

NCPat said...

No, I don't know how to mount the hinge or where to get more of them, I am sorry. I plan on sending this to the finisher.