Saturday, October 10, 2009

Upcoming wedding

It is a beautiful fall day in Connecticut! The sun is out and the leaves are just gorgeous. We went to the wedding rehearsal and dinner last night. The wedding is being held in an old mansion in Darien, CT. You drive up a winding drive to the front door and there are stone steps leading down to the front lawn. Walking inside the front door a graceful staircase leads upstairs to the bride's changing room with a huge mirror and comfortable seating for her and her six bridesmaids. Next door is a similar room for the guys. Going back downstairs through the foyer is the large room--used to be living room-for the actual reception. Off to the left of that is a huge dining room, and an also huge kitchen! Walk back to the living and out one set of the double doors and you are in the garden when the actual wedding will be held. It is complete with a fountain in the center of the rounded garden. Off to your left is another stone porch and the double doors that the wedding party will use as their entrance. The whole aura reminds me of a southern plantation. After everyone practiced walking the walk, etc., we all left and went to a wonderful yacht club on the Sound for a cocktail hour. It was pleasant enough that we were able to wander in and out and enjoy the setting sun and watch the yachts and tugs going up the river. Then a buffet style dinner with meats, pasta, veggies, salad and breads. All of this was followed by a yellow cake frosted with whipped cream with fresh strawberries in the center! Phew! Will our clothes still fit on Sunday??


Front Range Stitcher said...

Thanks for posting the picture, the grounds look lovely. Sounds like you're having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy! Madonna

Cyn said...

Hi Pat,

Love the picture!

Thanks for the wonderful description of the locations and the food. I think I put on a few pounds with you after reading about the yummy food! LOL!

I'm amazed that everything is still so green as it's October!

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