Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh m eye

Yes, I started by working on Otto's eye. I did the black tent stitch around his eye using six strands of black DMC floss. I then moved down and filled in the mouth and outlined his nose.
Then, because I thought it was such a great stitch, I started to do the six strand DMC floss french knots just above his nose. I had to see how they were going to look!! I think it is color 414 if I remember right.
I did repost the photo in the post about Otto, a couple of days ago, so you can see the entire canvas instead of my closeup above. Again, for those you of you who forgot....This piece was on the cover of Needlepoint Plus, July August 1991 and was stitched by Susan Portra. It is a painted canvas by Doris Gustafson and the original art was done by Beth Van Hoesen. You all know Susan Portra as the author and designer of Bring Your Backgrounds to Life. I have followed the article instructions so far. . Thanks to Susan Portra, again, for her permission to follow this guide. This is going to be a great addition to the rotation!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I love the sheep's facial expression, although already your sheep looks milder and more humorous than Susan Portra's. Glad you have him in the rotation.

M&Co. said...

Oh Pat that looks like so much fun!

Front Range Stitcher said...

I have that issue of Needlepoint Plus and have always loved this design. He "Otto" be spectacular when finished. :) Can't wait to follow along on this one.

Cyn said...

Hi Pat,

He's such a funny sheep and he looks like he knows something that we don't! :-)

Windy Meadow