Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Focus on the Camera

Yes, I am stopping the rotation just for a few days. I need to get the camera done so I can get it to the framer to be ready to take to the shower at the end of July. So, this will be non stop until it is finished. I started by using four strands of Splendor 801, the darkest black, around the lens for shading. I also used that same thread for the little dark box in the top right corner. Above that is Splendor 888 which will be the main color for most of the camera. The top right line is 899 which will be a lighter gray for the shine on the right side. Below that is the strap attachment which will be done in 890. These four colors will be used in the entire body of the camera. I have other ideas for the lens. The canvas on this one is white with silver flecks so as to highlight the black and greys in camera itself.
Oh, and this one came from the mother of the bride. She sent me a picture of the actual camera that her son-in-law to be uses and I sketched this from that.....note the uneven lines! LOL


M&Co. said...

Wow, Pat! I'm impressed. I'd have had to send that off to Gail or someone to draw or paint for me.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Very impressive so far, Pat. And the sketch lines will be fine once you do the actual stitching. It looks great so far.

We are settling down on the couch to watch and learn.