Saturday, May 16, 2009

I stitch here...(photo heavy)

When we bought our house, the sewing room and the workshop were both major decisions as to why we chose this one. We also really liked the rest of the house and location, LOL!

The first picture is the closet under the stairs, where I have a bookcase with baskets of stash! This is the chair where DH sits, (next to the antique thread cabinet that holds my beads) with the cat laying on the pillows.
There is also another thread cabinet on the old ice box. It holds the DMC perle cottons in 3,5, and 12's. The icebox holds fabrics and wool threads. The bookcase next to it holds books and the tall cabinet at the end holds magazines. The small case at the very end holds some of my antique sewing collectibles.

This is one end of the countertop, with thread boxes above.

This is the other end of the countertop and the four rotation projects sit next to TV. In the cabinets and drawers below, I keep such things as stretcher bars, light box, UFO's, paints, and such.

This is the my actual stitching table, frame, and another cabinet for needles, magnets, etc. Some of the extra scissors, fobs, etc, hang from the old coat rack which also has some of the hatpin collection.

This is a shot of the shelves where the thread boxes are stored. I picked up the boxes on ebay on two different auctions a long time ago! The plastic ones are from Target.

If all the housework is done, this is where I can be found!
Thanks, Barbara for asking where we stitch!


Front Range Stitcher said...

Hi Pat, Well I think I need to come shopping at your house. Wow! I could have fun there. I am so glad you posted your stitching place, it's fun seeing where you spend much of your time! I wish I had purchased my lamp as a floor stand, it would be much easier to move around, they're heavy. Loved the boxes you found on eBay too. That was a lucky find and perfect for storage. I hope this inspires others to share their "nests" too. Thanks again, I had fun nosing around. :) Madonna

M&Co. said...

What a great space, Pat!

Cyn said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for showing where you stitch.

I'm going to have to do this on my blog. Probably after school ends in the summer. Especially since I'm still working hard on organizing!

We've had so much rain up here it's been hard to get good pictures!

Windy Meadow