Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let the stitching begin!

As I mentioned last night, I am stitching the Shaving Brush by Sharon G, for the second time for a friend. She has asked that I use a different shade of green (to match their bathroom) than I had used on the first one. I also had used all of some of the other fibers, so I am doing close approximations on those. I should also mention that, as a rule, I do not stitch two of anything, so I don't write down thread changes, except what I note on the blog! LOL But, these are good friends, so I agreed to do it.

I started the base of the brush, which is to look like Malachite. I have three shades of Silk Mori in green, a complimentary blue green in the lower left corner, black DMC Rayon floss, and Kreinik oo2, size 12, gold. I used three strands of the silks and floss to complete the section below the emblem. I used a single strand of the Kreinik gold to complete the single row bands.

I normally work most pieces from the top down, if possible. In this case, I did not want to do this as the bristles of the brush end up as the focal point because of the layering. So, like the first one, I will complete the base and then the bristles.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This is starting out beautifully but then I like malachite's colors and streaks. It is interesting that you like to work top to bottom on a piece. I like to start in the center or to work from the background forward. Odd how we develop these quirks, isn't it?

Of course in many pieces where you start is dictated by what you plan to do in terms of stitches as here.

We stitchers are fascinating beings!