Sunday, January 18, 2009

Midnight Garden

As a member of Cyberpointers,, I am participating in a stitch along designed by Orna Willis called Midnight Garden. The original design can be seen on Orna's blog on the right, Ornaments, and was done on a black canvas with several Caron Waterlilies and Watercolours threads. First, I did not have any black canvas....I thought I did, but today I could not find it. I found white, off white and pink. Pink will work since it is an overdyed and maybe this could be a garden at sunset in the summer. Okay then, pull the Waterlilies and Watercolours that I have in the stash. Yikes, what a mish mash of a collection. Okay, put those away....what other silks.....Cascade Silks I have not tried......nope, not enough and why did I buy two of four colors? Move on. Not enough A ver a Soie either. Silk Mori! I have tons of those! Okay, maybe not tons, but enough to put a mauve and green palette together. Also, pulled a couple of Needle Necessities overdyed. Yes, I know they are cotton, but I need some varigation!
Okay, I can live with this!

First I used Needle Necessities 1001, four strands and did the eyelet stitches in the top right. I think these are pretty flowers. Then, I used the Needle Necessities 1060, four strands and worked the leaf stitch variation on the left. It is actually a lot greener and less blue in person. I think this is a good start.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Gosh, that is a good start! I'm glad you switched colors since I think a design this strong doesn't need the Punch of being on black canvas. Just my personal opinion, however. It does make a statement that way!

I like the pinks and greens so I am eager to see how it develops.

Happy stitching!

Mary said...

Lovely colors selection. I'd love to do this one someday, but not on black canvas. Anxious to see your progress.

Possibilities, Etc. said...

You should have yelled - I have five yards of black rolled up in the closet since I don't paint on it any more. Black is elegant, but difficult to see for either painting or stitching.