Thursday, December 4, 2008

Exciting but not stitching!

I have a very interesting job as I work as an office manager in a welding shop. I see a lot of interesting and unusual things created every week. We have a lot of very experienced and talented people who work here and lots of unusual requests come in weekly. The guys always find a way to make whatever the customer wants. We are very fortunate to be working on one of the largest solar installations right now. Work is under way to use solar power to heat and air condition a 22 acre building. The guys have been fabricating and installing steel pipe to support the solar panels, installed a 27,000 gallon stainless steel tank for water for the system, and on Wednesday, install the frame for, and two chiller pumps on the roof. In the picture below you see the frame setting on the ground next to one of the chiller units. The EXCITING part is that all of this was being lifted to the roof of the building with a HELICOPTER! And.......I got to go and watch! Woohoo! The frame itself weighs almost six thousand pounds!
After the chopper came in, they unloaded all the cables and rigging you see setting to the rear of the chopper. Then the cables were attached to the four corners of the frame. The chopper started up and then lifted the frame up and over the roof to the far corner of the building.

We went up on the roof and watched from there due to the major air displacement around a chopper, and they require a totally clear path from takeoff to set down site. While on the roof, we could also see all the solar panels that are already in place. After this was set in place, our welders secured it to the building and the chopper went back and set down for a bit. When the frame was welded in place, the pilot repeated the procedure with both chiller units. This was totally awesome to watch and very exciting to see that more and more of the community is becoming more energy conscious. We were all grateful for beautiful weather--about fifty degrees and only a slight wind for the chopper pilot to negotiate.
I realize this is not much about stitching, but I was thrilled to see this and am very excited about the possibilities that solar and green resourcing can bring to our worlds.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Fascinating! I'm glad you took photos, Pat. Very interesting....

Possibilities, Etc. said...

This is a wonderful thing! - and how exciting to be there to see it "in person." thanks for sharing.