Friday, June 27, 2008

More about birds and attaching canvas

You can pick on me later, but I read the Martha Stewart blog every few days. She takes great trips, has a great flower garden, and photos to go along with them. This morning she has great pictures of barn swallow babies! Take a look!

Madonna noticed that I don't tape the edges of my canvas from yesterday's post! Good eye! She asked that I explain. I started using Evertites a while back and now have a sets of 2-10", 2- 12", 2- 14", and 2- 16". Thank heavens for birthdays, etc. Anyway, due to the ability for tightening works in progress, I won't use anything else now. I have found that my stitching is less distorted. So to accomodate my different canvas pieces, I zigzag strips of muslin to canvas pieces so they will "fit" in the Evertites! If the canvas is a 10 x 10, I simply staple it right to the frame, and do not tape the edges at all. I rarely use tape on a canvas. This is just my preference and I am not preaching to anyone on how to attach a canvas. I hope that answers the questions, Madonna, and if not, please leave me a note.

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